Outstanding Service Nominating Form

 S.L. Perry Leadership & Distinguished Service Award

Mr. Stayton Love Perry was employed by the City of Alexandria on January 1, 1945 and became the Superintendent of the Water Department.  In June 1953 he was appointed as the General Superintendent of all utilities.  He was the first to be appointed into this position.  Mr. Perry retired on September 1, 1960 and died on September 11, 1960. 

Ability and Leadership Award Nominating Form

 George H. West Ability and Leadership Award

Mr. George Harrison West was from Lake Charles and served as the Executive Secretary for the Louisiana Conference for many years.  Mr. West was an AWWA member for 47 years.  He too, has a water plant named in his honor.  It has been told that he sat at the back of the room and signed up members as they came in.


Chairman's Award Nominating Form

 Leo V. Bankston Chairman's Award

LeoVictor Bankston was employed by Baton Rouge Water for 46 years.  He retired as Vice President and Superintendent.  He was a board certified engineer and land surveyor.  Mr. Bankston may have been vertically challenged, but he towered above most men in his leadership abilities. He became known as the "Little General."

Membership Award Nominating Form

 A.J. Szabo Membership Award

Mr. August John Szabo got his start in the water and wastewater field as a Public Health Engineer with the Louisiana Board of Health in 1946.  In 1957 Mr. Szabo was co-founder, principle, and officer in the engineering firm of Domingue, Szabo & Associates, Inc. Lafayette, Louisiana.  He retired in 1991 but still visits the office from time to time.

Scholarship Award

  Charles L. Porter Scholarship Award

Mr. Charles LaPrade Porter began working for Peoples Water Service Company in Tallulah on September 1, 1960.  He moved to Bastrop to take over operations there when his parents and brother were killed in a car crash in 1976.  His Dad was the manager of Bastrop and his mom was the office manager.  He was raised in the business.  Mr. Porter was a charter member of the Committee of Certification. 

Young Man of the Year Award

 Prosper J. Toups Jr. Outstanding Young Man of the Year Award

Prosper graduated from LSU in 1961.  In 1974 he became the Chief Engineer for Terrebone Parish Consolidated Waterworks in Houma.  Like Mr. Porter, Prosper served on the Comittee of Certification and was the Chairman.  Prosper is still active in the Conference teaching some of the short courses.

Woman of the Year Award


 Flo Fitzmorris Woman of the Year Award

The Woman of the Year Award is presented annually to a woman who has demonstrated ability and leadership in conference activities.  Named for Flo Fitzmorris, a woman, who year after year has exemplified these qualities.

25 Year Membership nominating form
Grover C. Lowe Twenty-Five (25) Year Membership Award 
Presented in recognition of twenty-five years of membership in the Louisiana Conference. Its purpose is to recognize members who have faithfully supported and contributed to the water and sewerage field over a twenty-five year period and to encourage others to similar continuous interest and service to the conference and the industry.

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